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Fitting is a piping component that functions as a connective pipe with the pipe, the pipe direction, create a branch pipe, the pipe size, etc.. 

1. Elbow 
Elbow is the type of fitting used to alter the pipe direction retire to a corner 45 or 90 degrees. Review of radius elbow elbow is available in the following types: 
a. Long radius: radius = 1.5 x Diameter 
b. Short radius: radius = 1 x Diameter 

Method of connection can be: buttweld, Weld socket, and threaded 

2. Tee 
Is the type of tee fitting 3-hole (3-way fitting) is shaped like the letter "T" used to create a branch perpendicular to the main pipe. There are 2 types in common use in piping as follows: 

a. Stright Tee: Has 3 openings with the same cut size. 
b. Reducing Tee: Having a branch with the size of a small section of main pipe. 

Method of connection can be: buttweld, Weld socket, and threaded 

3. Reducer 
Reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size. There are 2 types reducer as follows: 

a. Concentric reducer: have a central axis (centerline) of the section between the large and small. 
b. Eccentric reducer: the central axis has a different (offset) between a large section and small. 

Concentric reducer is most commonly used and often eccentric reducer used in piping in about pump and piperack area. 

4. Cap 
Cap is the type of fitting used to close the ends of the pipe. 
Method of connection can be: butt Weld, Weld socket, treaded. 

5. Weldolet 
Weldolet is the type of fitting used to create a branch with the smaller size of main pipe. Weldolet usually used in piping with high pressure and temperature where the connection with the joint type buttweld. The use of reinforcing pad is not required on weldolet. 

6. Miter 
Miter is sometimes used to replace the elbow. Miter is fabricated material from the pipe. Use miter for large size pipes can be cheaper than the elbow. However, lack of which has a higher pressure drop and vulnerable to overstress. With the lack of consideration, the miter is usually used to piping with large size and low pressure. 

7. Coupling 
Coupling is the type of fitting used to create a branch (half coupling) on the pipe size 2 "up and to connect straight pipe (full coupling). 
Method of connection can be: Socket Weld, and treaded. 

8. Plug 
The plug is the type of fitting used to close the open end of the part of the coupling or the tip of the valve from the vent or drain. 

9. Swage 
Swage is the type of fixture that has a function similar to the reducer. Swage used if pipe size reduction up to 1-1/2 "and smaller. Swage is also available in two types, namely concentric and eccentric. Form depending on the end of the continuation method is needed, as follows: 
a. Plan End (PE) 
b. Tread End (TE) 
c. Bevel End (BE) 

Usually the end of the swage in the form of combination, for example; BLE - TSE (Bevel large end - thread small end) k BLE - PSE (Bevel large end - Plain small end), etc.. 

10. Union 
Union is basically used for the purpose of removing the fixture, and in some cases be used to connect (assemble) piping. 

11. Thredolet & Sockolet 
Threadolet and sockolet is fitting that has the same function, namely to make weldolet smaller branches from the main pipe. The difference is that in addition to the design end of the connection with the method and socketweld thread. 

12. Stub-In 
Stub-in is not the type of fitting but is a way to create a branch to the main pipe. Branch can be the same size or smaller than the main pipe. Stub-in with the use of fitting can be avoided only because the regular pipes. Use Stub-in only very limited services on piping with pressure and temperature because the concentration of low-voltage high enough on the draw. To strengthen the connection, usually can be added reinforcing pad.



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